Every Middle School Student Needs To Know What a Derivative Is

Calculus is Not Hard, Calculus is Fun

Calculus was developed in the seventeenth century to study four types of math problems of that time:

  • Find the slope of a line that just touches a curve at a point
  • Find the area of a region below a curve
  • Find the maximum or minimum value of a quantity
  • Knowing the formula for the distance traveled by a moving body, find the velocity and acceleration at any instant—or in reverse, given the velocity or acceleration at any instant, find the distance traveled by the body in a specified period of time

We can simplify the above calculus concepts by analyzing the free fall motion of a roller coaster. All we need are two simple equations to understand differentiation and integration-the basic concepts of calculus.
Basic ideas of calculus are vital for STEM careers.

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Calculus Is Not Hard

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